Voice in 2021
Mobile Meets Voice
What We’ll See Next

As companies find ways to integrate voice into mobile applications, we expect to see new features that will facilitate the frictionless experience:

Foundational Use Cases Will Be Adopted

We don’t always have consistent access to our laptops when we’re on-the-go, and as we start completing more tasks on our phones, voice emerges as an appealing assistive technology to make certain activities simpler and faster. As a starting point, we expect that many brands and mobile app developers will start to pilot voice as an opportunity to remove friction in certain areas of the experience. Tasks like form filling and onboarding questionnaires can be tedious to complete, especially if they are long and require complex answers. Other areas may include shopping cart assistance, payment information collection, and other commerce considerations. Integrated voice tech that aids in quickly and conveniently enhancing the mobile experience will be well received by users.

Complex Commands Made Simple

The development of multi-step commands will compound the ease of voice for mobile. As voice technology continues to improve, users will be able to use voice to directly reach a specific place within the app or request the app to execute a series of actions on their behalf. Imagine being able to request a purchase be made or an article be shared with a specific group without ever needing to open the app. Voice has proven itself as a quicker alternative to typing, enabling these kinds of hands-free experiences. 

Time for Voice to Meet VR

One of the more popular and trendy mobile technologies being deployed in recent years is virtual reality and augmented reality. While some forward-thinking companies like Snapchat have paired voice as a navigation mechanism for AR lenses, we believe this is just the beginning—particularly for e-commerce companies and retailers who are seeking out new ways to sell products digitally and provide consumers an easy way to ‘try before they buy’ virtually. Enabling voice as a layer to quickly try on products virtually and compare against others would be a unique feature that brings brands closer to a sale and shoppers a more enjoyable and engaging mobile experience.

More Voice Trends to Watch in 2021
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