Voice in 2021
Advertising Primed for Growth
What We’ll See Next

As streaming audio and video services continue to gain consumers’ shares of media consumption, the use of interactive voice ads will grow alongside it.

While it is still early for these types of ads, engagement with branded content and simple commerce experiences via audio have already gained traction. In the coming years, we should expect to see more interactive and personalized audio ad activations, across more surfaces: 

Passive Content Consumption Gets Active

The current model of product sponsorships and integrations into TV shows or podcast advertising is a prime area for voice ads to disrupt and enhance. In the coming years, we’ll likely have the opportunity to vocally opt-in to hear more about a brand’s message or receive an offer during these types of ad breaks. This would help minimize irrelevant offers for listeners, improve relevance for listeners, and allow networks and program managers to develop new offerings for sponsors. 

Taking Voice Ads On-The-Go

Voice ads will look to expand from smart speakers, phones, and TVs into all devices that have microphone access. This could have big implications for brands looking to reach on-the-go consumers in the car or wearing smart earbuds. If voice ads are able to become part of these surfaces and take advantage of contextual data like geographic location, brands will have a variety of exciting opportunities to reach listeners with real-time offers relevant to their activities. 

Getting Personal

With advanced targeting capabilities available through streaming providers and services, it’s only a matter of time until voice-enabled ads make use of this data. We expect to see brands leveraging this to create more unique, sequential audio advertising programs as well as serve more tailored offers and data-informed recommendations to listeners and viewers. The more data advertisers can act on, the more relevant and valuable content or offers can be served to engaged listeners.

More Voice Trends to Watch in 2021
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